Fisker / Fanger for en uge

On this trip you will discover a totally new world of fantastic Arctic winter life, both weather and animals in North Greenland. Being so close to the beautiful nature and let the local fishermen/hunters show a piece of their well-kept culture. Our mind will be in total relaxation, our senses will do the living, exploring and learning. Let your mind and soul take in all the clean, fresh Arctic cold air, and you will just have to be in the moment. Inside our winter hut, you will experience the warm and kindness from the fishermen, with storytelling along the local Greenlandic food – and you may catch some yourself. The tour is perfect for you, if you want to see how fishing- and hunter life are kept as a main life source, such important part of the North Greenlandic culture. You also learn about living in the moment, living as a true Greenlander (Inuk), not depending on other than the nature.

Day 1) Arrive to Uummannaq, settle, meeting the local fishermen/hunters and their sled dogs on the ice. Dining together and we will shortly brief you about our plans for the next days.

Day 2) Breakfast on the ice around 0900 in the morning*.
First dogsled trip to location Uummannatsiaq, drop of our equipment etc.
A dogsled trip to drop off the long line for fishing Halibut in area, and then go back to the hut for the night.

Day 3) A dogsled trip to check our fishing line (and pick up our catches), and afterwards we go (dog sledding) to settlement Ikerasak to:

– Sell our fresh to the factory, exactly as a local fisherman.

– Visit a local friend, dining and storytelling.

– Staying over for the night.


Day 4) We will go on a dogsled trip to hunt seals “Uuttoq” (seal on ice) in the Uummannaq fiord system. We will then go drop of a new long line for fishing, thereafter, we will go back to the winterhut In Uummannatsiaq.

Day 5) A dogsled trip to check our fishing line (and pick up our catches) and then go to Uummannaq to have dinner with a local hunter and his family.

Day 6) Restoration day: a minor city walk and afterwards; go hiking (1 hour x2) to Santa Claus’s summer house here in Uummannaq.

Day 7) Departing from Uummannaq.

Pris fra: 24.000,00 DKK